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 >> Some of the Old batch Photographs along with our teachers

If you have any old school photographs or photos of your batch then please send an attachment to : or 


I, Tseten Norkyel Class of '71, want to share some photos of myself in SAS where I was from  1960 till 1971. 

An eminent student of Class KG is Venerable Sogyal Lakar alias Sogyal Rinpoche, the author of Tibetan Book of Living & Dying, a best seller book. 

Tseten Norkyel

Tseten Norkyel







        I am Bivor Chettri,ICSE are couple of my school photographs, hope u will post it on our school website......

     One with Arun Sir is of class 3 (1996) and the other one is of class 1 (1994)                                                 

     Proud to be a Sasonian.........PER ARDUA AD ASTRA


Photos:Bivor Chettri,ICSE 2004

Photos:Bivor Chettri,ICSE 2004


Dear Sir ,

I am a Sasonian ,I left St. Augustine In 1989. I have attached some Old pictures of my Class. Hope you will publish this in the School web site.

Thank you,
Prajunna Bhupal Singh

Photos:Prajunna Bhupal Singh(Class 1)

Photos:Prajunna Bhupal Singh(Class 2)

Photos:Prajunna Bhupal Singh(Class 4)

Photos:Prajunna Bhupal Singh(Middle Boys)










ICSE NOVEMBER 1981(The above 9 photographs are given by Mr. Gigy Mathews)


ICSE NOVEMBER 1984 (photograph given by Mr. Rakesh Kumar Verma)


ICSE 2000 cls 10c (photograph given by Mr. Anuj Mahat)


Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Class 6


Class 7
(Above 5 photographs are given by Lobsang Shitsetsang)

Although I graduated SAS ahead at class VII in 1979 due to immigration to Switzerland, I still feel proud and fortunate to be one among many SASONIANS. As SAS boarder I remember many of my old class mates, fathers, teachers, brothers and sisters and the good old times.
Lobsang Shitsetsang


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