:: I.S.C. 2005

Address:      ktm,Nepal
Year_of_Passing:        ISC 2005
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Current_Location:        ktm
Current_Profile:       BBA student
Sidanth Tewari

Address:       18/6E, West Tollcross, Edinburgh, Eh3 9QN,Scotland,U.K.
Year_of_Passing:       2003 ICSE...2005 ISC
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Current_Location:         Scotland
Current Profile:       Undergrad Student
Description :       Hey there, Well my school made me into the person i am today..fearless, friendly and full of confidence, learning in SAS was a great experience and a memorable one too, had got whipped in the backside if i didn't complete a task or talked in class but that too gave warmth in the cold.lol
Have great memories here, made friends for a lifetime here, was blessed to have gems of teachers like, Mr. Francis Tamang, Mr. Clive Watson, Mr. P.Devasia, Mr. Tashi, Mr. Chetan Namgyal, Mrs. D. Putsure, just to name a few, in all it was great fun.

Just a piece of advise to students in the secondary section, please focus on your English language too, its very important, people tend to take the language for granted but you should not.

Tell teachers to organize Group Discussions, Extempore and other such mediums of teaching, this is going to help shape your future a lot better.

take care & all the very best

Nidhaan Shrestha

Address:       kathmandu, valley,nepal
Year_of_Passing:       2003 ICSE...2005 ISC
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Email_ID:       nidhaanz@gmail.com
Current_Location:         Delhi
Description :       Great work with the new hall...looks seriously classy.its sad we did'nt get to enjoy the new hall.coming soon for a trip to kpg.
Sailendra Pradhan

Address:       Naya Bazar, Kurseong.
Year_of_Passing:       2005 ISC
Phone Number :    +919734117638
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Current_Location:         SMIT
Description :       Student
ngawang dorjee

Address:       kalimpong.
Year_of_Passing:       2005 ISC