:: I.S.C. 1997
Prasanna Tamang

Address:     Bangalore
Year_of_Passing:       1995 (ICSE), 1997 (ISC)
Email_ID:       prasanna.tamang@gmail.com
Current_Location:       Bangalore
Current_Profile:      IT professional
Vivek Chhetri :

Address:     Chandmari, Darjeeling.
Year_of_Passing:       1995 (ICSE) 1997 (ISC)
PhoneNumber:       + 91 94341 41985
Eail_ID:       vivek.chhetri@gmail.com
Current_Location:       Darjeeling
Current_Profile:       Principal Correspondent, The Telegraph, Darjeeling
Message :       It's always so nice to be in touch with SAS even if its just browsing the school wsite.