:: I.C.S.E. 1996
Bikram Limbu

Address:   Kalanki, Kathmandu,Nepal
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE
Phone Number:    +9779803290079

Email_ID:         bikramlimbu@yahoo.com
Kathmandu, Nepal
Message: Let the Flames of \'the Lamp\' illuminate darkness. Will always be a Sossonians at heart.

Amulya Ghale

Address:   Batasia Loop,P.O.Ghoom,Darjeeling,Utaarbanga.
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE
Phone Number:   
Email_ID:         a_ghale@yahoo.com
New Delhi
Profile: Bussiness
Message: I never get any invitation from our School.

Zaffar Naik

Baghdhara RD , Kalimpong
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE
1996, ISC 1998
Phone Number:   
08040331026, +919740188599
Fax Number:       +918040331122

Wipro Pvt Ltd, Business Development, Asst Mngr
Message :       :      
Its good to see SAS still retaining the flavours of yesterdays
Pranai Rai

Address:   East Main Road, Kalimpong, Dist Darjeeling.
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1996
Phone Number:    9836669095
Email_ID:       pranai34@yahoo.com
Current_Location:       Culcutta
Current_Profile:       Software Engineer
Message :       Hi.  It looks great..this is the best way we can go keep in touch through Messages & email.
Phurba Sherpa

Pudung Dara,Kalimpong,Dt.Darjeeling,Wes Bengal
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1996
Phone Number:   
Malla Treks(P) Ltd  ,Lainchaur ,Kathmandu,Nepal ,Ph.No.4410089
Public relation & sales officer
Message :      
I miss St.Augustine's very much,and all my teachers who were so kind and helpful to me and my friends,and who taught us to face this world.

My dear teachers,without your help and love,I couldn't have face this world.So thank you very much for everything.

I miss you all.

Phurba Serpa

Neeraj Garg

Address:   Bangalore/Delhi
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1996, ISC 1999
Phone Number:    9971120494
Email_ID:       neeraj.garg.blr@gmail.com
Current_Location:       Delhi
Current_Profile:       Sr. Technical Trainer - Dell Inc.
Message :       Greetings SASonians!! I miss u all. This is where I groomed for 15 years. Hearty and Heartfelt thanks to all my teachers and colleagues. "Per Ardua Ad Astra" - fascinating!

Address:   Integrated Designs Engineering and Architectural (I.D.E.A), Opp. S.D. F. Bhawan, Indira Bye Pass Road,\  Gangtok, East Sikkim
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1996
Phone Number:    03592227440
Email_ID:       ar_parayan@hotmail.com
Current_Location:       Gangtok
Current_Profile:       Consultant Architect
Message :       I just have one message for all the teachers of SAS. You are one of the best teachers one can get in life. I am just starting out in my life as an architect but the values you've given me has been the most most pivotal thing for me. A child should learn from his/her parents the most but for me i have learnt the most from my days in SAS.
ranjan sharma

Address:   lower bong busty , kalimpong
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1996
Phone Number:    9873841887
Current_Location:       new delhi

Current_Profile:       Practicing Lawyer in the Supreme Court, Delhi High Court
Message :       The credit goes to SAS, for whatever i am today. It surely is a temple of information . Its an honour to be a Sasonian, a tag which i am proud of.
Thank You .

amulya ghale

152,vinobapuri,lajpatnagar II New delhi
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1996
Phone Number:   
Email_ID:       a_ghale@yahoomail.com
Current Location  :       Delhi
Current Profile:       cco
Message :       Hi .How is school.Have'nt met my dudes for a decade.
jigmee dorjee bhutia

10th mile ,rishi road
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1996
Phone Number:    255756
Email_ID:       koorkoor_rc@yahoo.co.in
Current Location  :       10th mile,rishi road
Dr Amit Kumar Karna

Address:   kathmandu , nepal
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1996
Phone Number:    9841746432
Email_ID:       amit_karna@hotmail.com
Current Location  :       kathmandu
Current Profile:       Resident, Patan Hospital
Viren Agarwal

Address:   Eldeco Green Meadows Greater Noida
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1996
Email_ID:       viren.agarwal@gmail.com
Current Location  :       Noida
Current Profile:       Research & Development , Cadence Design Systems
Message :       SAS rocks !!!
Pawan Thatal

Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1996
Phone Number:    0044-7786899533
Email_ID:       thatal.pawan@gmail.com
Current Location  :       Preston

Address:   7th mile rishi road kalimpong
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1996
Current Location  :       kalimpong
Rohit Malla

Address:   HSR Layout, Bangalore
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1996
Email_ID:       rohitmalla@hotmail.com
Current Location  :       Bangalore
Current Profile:       Senior Client Service Engineer
Message :       good to see you guys here
Dependra Chettri

Address:   Holiday in Bhutan Tours & Travels,Changlam,Thimphu,Bhutan
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1996
Phone Number:    00975-17602336
Fax Number  : 00975-2-331339
Email_ID:       depend_y2k@yahoo.com
Current Location  :       Thimphu
Current Profile:       Managing Director
Message :       Hi guys keep in touch
Amit Adhikari

Address:   Housing Colony,Danra Gaon, Tadong,Gangtok, Sikkim
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1996
Phone Number:    001-603-438-6363
Email_ID:       amit_adhi@hotmail.com
Current Location  :       Lake Charles, LA
Dr. Dashmesh Thakur

Address:   s/o Dr. D.P.Thakur, 9th mile, below government school, Kalimpong.
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1996
Phone Number:    9380121248
Email_ID:       drdashmeshthakur@yahoo.com
Current Location  :       Chennai