:: I.C.S.E. 1991
Deepak Bothra

address  : Sinclairs Hotels,South Point,Port Blair,Andaman & Nicobar Islands
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1991
Phone No:  9679557393
Current_Location:      Port Blair
Current_Profile:      General Manager
Message              :    I am proud to be a Sasonian!

Khin Lan Chung

Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1991
Email_ID:         jeffrey170573@hotmail.com
Current_Location:      Taipei, Taiwan
Current_Profile:      Vagabond (chuckle)
Message              :    The best days of my life was spent as a Sasonian. Keep in touch y'all.
Would appreciate if someone could create a blog or maybe even a twitter for those die hard sasonians. Being a technoob that I am, I am counting on one of you fellas. Reach for the stars man and get your fellow brethen connected.
Sameer Pradhan

address  : Raya Cottage East Main Road Kalimpong Dist: Darjeeling
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1991
Phone No:     9873567098
Email_ID:         samkpong@rediffmail.com
Current_Location:      New Delhi
Current_Profile:      Senior Quality Analyst, Medical Transcription, New Delhi
Message       :      
To all my teachers,
Thank you for the values that you taught us and the patience with which you taught us that has made us better human beings. thank you so much.

To all Sasonians,

Cherish each and every day of your school life for they are indeed the golden years of your life....
Study hard, play harder, but above all respect your elders and your teachers and when the time comes for your to face the big bad world, you can do so with your heads held high..for we are SASONIANS..always!!!
Kesang Phuntsok

Address:   Ridoling-86, North Shanghai Road, Rikaze, PRC
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1991
Phone Number:    13618929071
Email_ID:        karlitokarnal@yahoo.com
Current_Location:       China
Current_Profile:       Finance Manager
Message              :       " We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion old carbon..........got to get ourselves back to the garden.......CSNY
Shyamal Shrestha

Address:   PO Box 241 Kathmandu  Nepal
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1991
Phone Number:    97714247514
Email_ID:         shyamalkshrestha@gmail.com
Current_Location:      Kathmandu, Nepal
Current_Profile:       Economics Officer, Asian Development Bank, Nepal Resident Mission, Kathmandu
Message              :      A very happy 62nd anniversary to SAS! I am glad to note the school's ongoing progress. I take this opportunity to thank all the teachers and non-teaching staff who have brought the school to where it is today.

Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1991
Phone Number:    9832088818
Email_ID:         rajeshpaul2008@yahoo.co.in
Current_Location:      KALIMPONG
Current_Profile:       GOVT.SERVICE
Message              :      LOOKING FOR THE CLASS OF 91
Praveen Sherpa

Address:   :       B.B.T.C. Ltd., Elkhill Estates,P.O. Sidapur 571253, South Kodugu, Karnataka
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1991
Phone Number : 09731258101
Email_ID:         praveen.sherpa@gmail.com
Current_Location:      Coorg, Karnataka, India
Current Profile   :   Manager, Plantations
Message       :      Plz..call guys.
Hi! Guys missing all of you,..plz..get in touch, feels great We have a website...
Kong Lan Chung

Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1991
Phone Number:    886-2-958650620
Email_ID:         danielchung18@hotmail.com
Current_Location:      Taipei, Taiwan
Current_Profile:       Manager
Message              :      Are the Aloo Dum vendors still stalking the premises ? Proud to be a Sasonian
(LKG 1980 - Class 10 1991), Batch of 91, keep in touch.
Ramesh Sharma

address:   :       Dept of Chemistry, SMIT, Majhitar, Sikkim
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1991
Phone Number:    09474056649
Email_ID:         rammesh1@gmail.com
Current_Location:      Gangtok
Current_Profile:       Lecturer in Chemistry
Message              :      Hi guys, it would be great to hear from you all.
Goldy Sitling

address:   :       Cyber Infotech,D.S.Gurung Road,Kalimpong.
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1991
Phone Number:    +91 98320 97733
Fax Number : +91 3552 259104
Email_ID:         goldysitling@gmail.com
Current_Location:      Kalimpong
Current_Profile:      Businessman
Message              :      Hey friends, Get in touch if any batchmates come across.
rajesh singh

Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1991
Address  :  c/o LOTUS,sahid d.b. giri path kalimpong
Phone Number:    9474083371
Message              :    dis was the best batch ever, i miss my frens from my school days
Julien Gurung

address  :       Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan. post box 154, Thimphu: Bhutan
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1991
Phone No: 00975-2-323111/12
Fax No: 00975-2-322847
Email_ID:         julien@rma.org.bt
Current_Location:      Thimphu, Bhutan
Current_Profile:      Central Banker
Description:       :      Feels proud to be an ex-sasonian and glad that SAS is doing very well, so class of 1991 & all the ex- sasonians where every you all are I would like to wish each and everyone a success and happy life.

Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1991
Phone No: 919697520061
Email_ID:         ritesh_hombre@yahoo.co.in
Current_Location:      SOMEWHERE IN INDIA
Current_Profile:      GOVT SERVICE
Message              :      
Guys when you reach for the STARS we know you\'ll not get one but don\'t come back with a handfull of MUD either! Stay alive and keep in touch you hombres.
altaf sayed ahmad

address  : Hotel mayfair,6 gandhi road above vijaya bank,dist. darjeeling-734101
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1991
Email_ID:         archer_2923@hotmail.com
Current_Location:      darjeeling
Current_Profile:      business management
Message              :      
always proud to be a sasoninan.. do keep in touch ..the class of 91.. miss those golden days man..what we r 2day n how bigwigs we have become we owe to this great institution .. reach the stars..

address  : G-FORCE SECURITY PTE LTD, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone No: 977-9845106941
Fax No : 977-1-4356978
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1991
Email_ID:         man.ink@hotmail.com
Current_Location:      Kathmandu, Nepal
Current_Profile:      Security Manager