St. Augustine's School, Kalimpong


 :: I.C.S.E. 1962
Keith Wallace

Address:   15 Carrs Ed, Galston, NSW 2158, Australia
Year_of_Passing:       ICSE 1962
Phone Number:    02 9653 2086
Fax Number : 02 9651 2689
Current_Location:      Galston, Sydney
Description:       :      :       I will be visiting Kalimpong in Oct 2007 and checking on the web I found St  Augistine's. When I left in '62 I was just 13yrs old but I do remember the Swiss Fathers and the Cheese factory. I had some Thai friends, one was Ying Yud. They were 3 yrs senior to me. I will be looking forward to re-visiting my old school.
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